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My name is Jessica Geraerts and I live in Eindhoven,The Netherlands.

My love for the Lhasa Apso started at a very young age.


We lived next door to a Lhasa Apso kennel, vd Pacific Paradise.

Instead of playing outside with the other children, I was always helping to grooming and take care of the dogs.

Every week we go to dogshows and I was really excited about that every week..


In those days v.d. Pacific Paradise they also breed and show with Shih-Tzu’s. I liked them very much, so my first dog was a Shih-Tzu called Chico, and very soon after Chico arrived Shih-Tzu Joey.Very sweet but not good enough for the showring.


Unfortunately Chico and Joey past away, and after that I got my first Lhasa Apso.

His name was Micky v.d. Pacific Paradise (Frisco) , he was a very sweet dog to me but he was also very dominant to other people.

It was a very big changing from Shih-Tzu’s to the Lhasa Apso.

I was thinking by myself, if I can get him in a good coat, than I could show him.


But than the bad news was coming, Ans Saasen  past away. At the show we were a team and that was falling apart. Nothing was the same anymore and we only went to a few shows, and than the time came that everything stopped…


I didn’t give up and was thinking about that when I will have my drivers license, than I can go back to the shows again but than with my own dogs.

So Bianca was breeding her last litter, and from this litter I bought Dusky.

A few years later I bought Faye from  Mi-amor in Belgium.

My goal is to have nice Lhasa Apso’s  and to have sometimes a litter.


At my first litter I kept a female Tara vd Pacific Paradise, she became World Junior Winner and Multi Champion.

Later a bought a female from Deelayne kennel Deelayne Ruby Sunrise who also became World Junior Winner.


Last year Tara get’s her first litter and I kept 3 out of 9. Cocktail,Goldstrike and Sambuca.They are now Junior Winners in different countries.

They are much fun to live with and they like dogshows.

So we hope to have a bright future with our current young showteam!


kind regards,


Jessica Geraerts.